Instagram for Jewelers

Instagram can be a great tool for marketing and growing your small business – especially if that business is jewelry. As an image-based social network, it’s an excellent online venue for showcasing your products while interacting with your fans and customers. If you want to start marketing and selling your jewelry on Instagram, use these tips to make the most of your efforts.

Take good photos

Since Instagram is an image-based site, quality photos of your products are a must. Overall, it’s important to consider staging – you want to showcase your jewelry. Showcasing your product would be when you photograph it in use, in a unique setting, or showing examples of how it can be used. For example, don’t just share a photo of your necklace on a table. Instead, share a photo of it paired with a seasonal shirt or paired with a ring you have available. For more photography tips, you can check out our infographic on jewelry photography to help improve your technique.

Write good descriptions

Use the caption space to create a description that will entice your customers to buy. Don’t just include details about alloys or dimensions. Tell a story by talking about what makes the piece special, how it was inspired, and how it’s meant to be worn.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags (e.g. #fallfashionjewelry) allow you to “tag” your photos with categories and frequently searched terms. Generally, you want to use descriptive words that are relevant to your product photo. You can also create a hashtag unique to your brand (e.g. #mgsrefining) to help fans follow your products.

Have fun

As with maintaining a business presence on other social media channels, you do not need to make every single post about an item listing. Showing off your latest products is important, but users may be turned off by constant self-promotion. Engage your fans by showing your fun side with behind-the-scenes photos of your workbench or lifestyle content.



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