Pinterest for Jewelers

Pinterest is an excellent website for jewelers to market themselves and get exposure for their designs. However, organization and presentation are the keys to success on this platform. Use these tips to whip your Pinterest profile into shape and increase the overall exposure for your jewelry business.
Match online efforts with in-store efforts. Don’t just add pins and forget about them – you should try to organize your Pinterest-presence the same way you merchandize your store. Your top boards should feature your popular products, as well as pins that give users an understanding of your brand philosophy.

Keep mobile in mind. Pinterest receives most of its traffic from mobile devices. The smaller screen size of mobile means less room to make a first impression – so make sure your first four boards are the best ones (i.e. boards with the most re-pins, follows, comments, etc.)

Use sensible organization. Think about how your fans would try to find something on Pinterest, then use those specific words or phrases when describing relevant boards and pins. A board named “Gold Engagement Rings” will be much more searchable than a board simply titled “My Favorite Rings.”

Have fun! Showing off your latest products is important, but users may be turned off by constant self-promotion. Engage your fans by showing your fun side with vintage photos or lifestyle content.

Low Gold Prices May Shrink Worldwide Production

Thanks to a rising dollar and speculation that the U.S. Federal Reserve will boost interest rates, early December was a low point for gold prices – a five-year low as a matter of fact. The industry buzz is that a restricted worldwide gold supply is on the horizon:

  • The World Gold Council’s November 2015 Report hints at reduced gold supply as mines struggle to operate on lower profits, forecasting that “supply will remain constrained as the mining industry continues to proactively manage costs and optimize its operational performance.”
  • Former Goldcorp CEO Chuck Jeannes predicted in 2014 that the world will reach “peak gold” starting within two years.

With gold prices so low, hard-to-reach ore may no longer be profitable to mine. If the production decreases, the supply is likely to follow.

However, that same report from the World Gold Council also found that “Q3 2015 gold demand rose by 8% year-on-year, reaching a two-year high of 1,120.9 tonnes.” If demand continues to grow, prices may increase and spur greater production. So as always with the gold market, nothing is set in stone yet. We’ll be watching closely as the situation progresses into 2016.

5 Mobile Apps for the Busy Business Owner

Being a small business owner comes with freedoms and challenges. While you’re the one in control, it’s not easy trying to juggle employees, customers, and vendors alongside your personal life. It helps if you’re able to manage your time efficiently – and luckily, there are apps for that. Try out these apps to get more done, faster.
This app lets you draw out sketches and designs on your iPad, then save them to specific collections. You can also take photos and design over them. It comes with a range of brushes and pen styles – all of which are easy to use. It can be a great tool for designing new jewelry styles, signage, and anything else you can imagine.
Price: Free (iPad)

Humin helps you keep track of all the details about how and where you met someone. It then lets you search among your contacts using these details, e.g. “lives in Manhattan,” “met at XYZ conference,” “friends with Mike” “works at MGS,” etc. This can be a great way to keep track of your business contacts and learn more about the circles they run with.
Price: Free (iOS)

This lets you create to-do lists with built-in reminders. Best of all, Wunderlist is compatible on a wide range of devices so you can sync your lists among all of the devices you own (including PC, MAC, Android, iOS, etc.) or share them with any employees or partners. A pro version is also available that removes limitations on list and file sizes.
Price: Free (multiple devices)

Toggl shows you exactly how much time you spend on tasks during the day. This is great for entrepreneurs because all of your billable time is accounted for. You can organize your time by project, tags, or client, and set billable rates. If you forget to switch Toggle on, you can go back and edit time later. Not only can this app keep track of your productivity, but it can help you analyze how to more effectively manage your time.
Price: Free (multiple devices)

Precious Metal Prices
Did you know that we have our own app? It’s designed to help pawnbrokers, jewelers, and other business owners monitor precious metal prices (gold, silver, platinum, palladium). Using our app, you can get real-time prices (set per troy ounce and displayed in USD), set price alerts, convert weight measurements, and more.
Price: Free (multiple devices)