Famous Gold Food: Part 5

In this installment of famous gold food, we’re going to cover two record setting desserts – the world’s most expensive cupcake and donut. Of course, both are chock-full of gold and other rare and expensive ingredients. Have you ever tried edible gold? Tell us about your experience on our Facebook page.

Golden Phoenix Cupcake: Whenever a chef or artisan takes a whack at creating a famously expensive and elegant cupcake, the result is usually inedible because of the amount of diamonds and other gems. When Bloomsbury’s Boutique Café and Artisan Bakery held their grand opening in the Dubai Mall, the goal was to celebrate with a breathtaking cupcake that Dubai’s elite could actually eat. The result was the Golden Phoenix – a cupcake made using the finest Amadei Porcelana chocolate, Ugandan vanilla pods, and heavily coated with gold flake. The dish also comes with chocolate and gold dipped strawberries on the side.
Cost: $28,000 (includes 24kt gold Empire Cake Stand w/ Cloch by Villari); $1,007 (cupcake only)

Krispy Kreme Donut: Here’s another record-setting pastry, created by a more mainstream bakery. Krispy Kreme UK unveiled its creation at the upscale department store Selfridges to raise money for The Children’s Trust – a charity that supports children with brain injuries. The famous Krispy Kreme recipe was unchanged with the exception of 24kt gold leaf, gold-dusted white chocolate flowers, edible diamonds, and jelly made with Dom Perignon 2002 champagne. The pastry also came served with a cocktail made with Dom Perignon 2002 champagne, Courvoisier Cognac, and raspberry and passion fruit syrup.
Cost: £1,000

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