Cocktails-4-Charity NYC Event to Support American Heroes

We are proud to be sponsoring an evening of Cocktails-4-Charity in February:

Date: Saturday, February 12, 2011
Time: 8pm - 10pm
Where: Park Avenue Tavern, located at 99 Park Avenue, NY, NY
(Corner of Park Ave. & 39th Street)
Suggested Minimum Donation: $50

All proceeds of this evening will benefit the Wounded Warriors Project, the Lc. Cpl. Michael Glover Scholarship and the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation. For information on future events, friend Cocktails-4-Charity on Facebook (Note: you must be logged in to Facebook to Friend them).

A Little about the Charities:

The Wounded Warriors Project supports the injured men and women who serve in our military. Whether it's the soldiers still serving in Iraq, or the warriors battling terrorism in Afghanistan or a soldier hurt anywhere else in service for the United States, they assist injured soldiers in order to “foster the most successful, well-adjusted generation of wounded warriors in our nation’s history”.

Another related group, the Lc. Cpl. Michael Glover Scholarship is an educational benefit fund in honor of a fallen comrade. The scholarship is given annually to a student of Xavier High School in New York, where its namesake attended and graduated.

Last but not least, the Dr. Theodore A. Atlas Foundation is a New York-based community service organization that provides financial, legal and emotional support to individuals and organizations in need, with a particular emphasis on the health and welfare of children. This group has an "all volunteer staff," so the donations and gifts to this group are able to be used almost completely in their work.

We think this is a great event that rewards and assists those most deserving. We welcome you to donate and hope to see you there on February 12!

Industrial Gold: Aerospace

The use of gold in the aerospace industry is fascinating. Although we don't see a lot of walk-ins wearing space suits carrying shuttle parts, we thought you might enjoy a little information about it.

Because gold is a precious metal, you wouldn't think mankind would send it into space. But because of some of the unique qualities of gold, it's extremely valuable in the space program, too.

For instance, it's used in space suits. A thin layer of gold is applied to the suits astronauts wear in outer space in order to protect them from radiation and reflect and deflect the burning heat of the sun. That's the glamorous part gold serves in the aerospace industry. 

Gold is also used in the circuitry. If you are in need of parts that will hold up well without lubrication, maintenance or repair, gold will go the distance. Gold is used in aeronautical circuitry because it's a dependable conductor and connector. And again, because of the reflective qualities, many parts are fitted with gold-coated polyester film. This helps reflect infrared radiation and assists in stabilizing the temperature onboard the aircraft. Without this coating, the dark-colored parts of the aircraft would absorb more heat, leading to a much higher rate of breakdown.

Gold is also used as a lubricant between mechanical parts. In space, organic lubricants become unstable, leading to a breakdown. This is caused, again, by the intense radiation suffered outside the Earth's protective atmosphere. Gold's malleability enables it to be processed into a very thin film that coats and protects critical moving parts, serving as a lubricant. This is because the gold molecules slip past each other under forces of friction, providing the lubricant action. It's a fascinating use of gold and not seen in many other applications.

Gold is too expensive to use by chance. It is only used deliberately and when less expensive substitutes cannot be found. But in consideration of the billions of dollars spent on space travel, it's a small expense. If you're going to the moon or beyond, wouldn't you want the "gold standard" along on the trip?

At Manhattan Gold and Silver, we're more down to earth. We're a B2B company that helps others turn around their scrap precious metals for reuse and resale. We don’t work with precious metals from circuitry or other such mechanical components, but we can help with your more terrestrial gold recycling needs. Contact us to learn more.

Gold of the World

Gold is one of the most universally valued, collected and hoarded natural resources ever discovered.  It's been precious for thousands of years as we can clearly see throughout recorded history and demonstrated in even earlier archaeological finds. 

But one of the most interesting aspects of gold in modern life is the variety of gold used around the world.  Were you aware that you can tell a lot about where the gold comes from by its color and markings?

For instance, in the United States consumers seem to prefer a pale yellow gold that is between 10 and 18 karats in purity.  American mines also produce rose, green and black gold, which are all naturally occurring tints found in ores mined at various locations. 

In Asia, specifically in India, they prefer a higher karat of gold that is usually 20 to 22 karat gold and has a bolder yellow color.  How many times have you seen a photo from an Indian wedding and been astonished at the adornments and embellishments worn by the bride as she comes to greet her new husband in full, traditional ceremonial garb?  The effect is simply stunning and so beautiful.

In the Mideast, the taste for gold encompasses a wide variety of colors, which citizens prefer to mix and match.  For instance, a man's bracelet may include a pattern of white gold links set off by yellow gold links.  In Egypt, specifically, the gold prices are printed in the daily newspapers in major cities because the gold trade is so strong and important there.  And to make sure that all jewelry buying customers are protected, the government requires jewelry manufacturers to clearly mark gold jewelry accurately.  Anyone selling a product wearing such a mark that doesn't meet the standard of gold in that country could face harsh penalties under the law.

Here at Manhattan Gold and Silver, we are happy to help our customers recycle their gold. We remove impurities in the remelting process, so we're going to be able to give you, our customers, the maximum amount of return based on the London Daily Fixing.  No matter what type of gold product you bring in, we've been remelting gold for more than 25 years and we can help.  Contact us in Manhattan when you're ready.