Testing Precious Metals

The Hand Testing Method

Hand Testing

Although we are a big refiner that services many different industries, the majority of our business at Manhattan Gold & Silver comes from walk-in customers. Obviously, they’d like a price quote for their lot as soon as possible. That’s why we pride ourselves on our fast hand testing method to determine the value of your precious metals.

The process of testing precious by hand has been used by jewelers, refiners, and other precious metal professionals for centuries. We use the hand testing method for small pieces or lots of precious metal. To start, all items are inspected carefully by our highly trained and experienced staff. We then scratch a piece of the metal against a basalt stone. This leaves a mark on the stone. By applying certain strengths of nitric acid to this mark and measuring the resulting reaction, we can accurately measure the purity of the precious metal and give you a fair payout right away.

Larger lots of precious metals may require either our onsite assay or offsite assay services. Both are accurate methods of precious metal testing, and they still have the quick turnaround time Manhattan Gold & Silver is known for.

If you bring gold items for hand testing to our Diamond District location, we can pay you for up to 98.5% of the gold’s value, as determined by the latest London price fix and/or market conditions. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us about precious metal testing or other refining questions.

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